Delivering your message to new founders, every day.

Highly Targeted Marketing

By eliminating wasted deliveries to founders with existing companies, holding companies or addresses likely to be accomodation addresses we only deliver to new founders who need and would benefit from your advice and services.We take the raw data set of companies and directors. Further analysis using over 30 variables removes from the data any founders and companies who will not be interested in your offering.This includes using smart automated analysis of names, cross checking against addresses, removing subsidiaries & holding companies and examining Directors' history.

Brand Building

It's never been more expensive to get your brand in front of potential buyers. Digital marketing costs are growing exponentially while smart print like Founder Reach is becoming more effective. We limit our advertisers to one per industry sector and get your brand onto the desk of 35,000 people per month.

Optional extras to create more engagement.

Automated letter follow ups

Follow up on our deliveries within bespoke and unique customised letters. We can create full colour and personalised letters which can be targeted by geography if required. For deeper personlisation we can send letters triggered by filings at Companies House and the data within company accounts and most other filings such as Annual Returns or changes to Shareholders.

Inserts and Drop Outs

For a small fee per delivery we can add a drop out insert in any size from a business card, a postcard or even a membership or discount card. Get the recipients attention and give them something they can quicky put in a wallet or bag for future use.

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