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Withour unique data processing we are the only company who can target first time founders at the right time with the right message.

We merge, analyse and process millions of lines of company and business data to build the correct lists. Others will promise this but do not have the whole data set to be able to do this and will send two or three times as many mailshots.

So while they may look cheaper per delivery they are wasting your money and irritating the recipients.

Useful content and quality design mean our publication is the one readers keep on their desk, making it a directory of startup services which can be revisited again and again.

The benefits of advertising with Founder Reach include:

  • AFFORDABLE: Competitive advertising prices with significant discounts for bulk buying.
  • SMART: We only send to the right founders, within days of incorporating their companies. We won’t send your advert to companies that do not have a need such as Flat Management Companies – there are more of these than you might think!
  • RELIABLE: Delivery and print that is carried out by expert suppliers used to dealing with smart printing, high rapid volumes and are contracted to some of the biggest organisations in the UK.
  • VISIBLE: An eye-catching publication with top spec print on quality 150gsm paper to make your advertising match the quality of your business.
  • EASY: No complicated process, personal support from the founders and a simple PAYG billing process.
  • EXTRAS: Free listing on our website and professional editors to help craft your advertorial if you need it.

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