Artwork and Information

Magazine Size: 148.5 mm x 210 mm

Please create your advert to the correct size. For full page bleed adverts, please extend 3mm beyond the page edges on all four sides.


We can accept artwork as a PDF file or high resolution JPEG. Images must be a minimum of 300dpi.

Colour Process

Please complete and save your artwork in CMYK process (CMYK – Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black) All RGB images must be converted into CMYK before submitting to us.


When using small text, use colours which contain only one ink, i.e. black to be produced from 100% black ink (also ideal for solid areas less than 25mm square). For areas above 25mm you need a denser black consisting of 100% black plus 40% cyan. All fonts used should be embedded.

Scanned Images

Please scan images to the actual size required at 300dpi. Scan line art (i.e. logos) at 800 – 200dpi.


If using the transparency functions in Illustrator and Freehand generated files transparencies must be flattened and the files then converted to PDF or bitmap (JPEG) before supplying.