I am Alastair Campbell, creator of Founder Reach, a business designed to get you in front of the right people at the right time.


I’m using my 20 years of online experience including bootstrapping and selling 3 internet companies, to help others just like you grow in a smart, financially efficient way.

Digital advertising costs continue to grow at a phenomenal pace and the goal of Founder Reach is to find you an alternative way to get in front of new opportunities.

Founder Reach has been created to allow companies to create a brand touchpoint, drive awareness and even follow up with targeted letters at whatever stage in a new company lifecycle they require.

With one page per business sector, exclusivity is secured and from only 15p per delivery, you can get your brand onto the desk of up to 35,000 new company directors every month.

We also can deliver follow up information at the right time in the business cycle, for example:

A business loans company pays to get their name in front of the company directors just after incorporation.

Later, when the target companies file their first accounts we analyse the data and if they meet the clients criteria, a personalised letter, based on business intelligence is sent out, automagically.

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